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  IAC Knowledge

Visualization Tools and Mapping Utilities


  Field Mediation, The Tech Museum of Innovation




  Radio Controlled Surveillance Probes (RCSP)

Research Strategies

The RCSP project demonstrates the powerful combonitorics of theoretically devised surveillance strategies and heuristic data analysis leading towards emergent knowledge representation. The project involves 5 surveillance algorithmic methodologies from which heuristic information mapping is used to extract inferenced information about human interactions in a public architectural environment.

Each RCSP is identical, equipped with a wireless audio/video camera for transmission of real time perspective information from the probe. An on-board microprocessor and digital compass encode exact positioning of each RCSP. Heuristic analysis of the information extracts data and organizes it into knowledge representations (information mapping). This C5 research project includes: data analysis, statistics, probability theory, decision theory, decision analysis and artificial intelligence.



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