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  Ontogenic Unity

Ontogenic Unity and 16 Sessions

Benjamin Eakins

C5 is engaging the contemporary systems of notation, whether they be computational (the individual processing machine or the network unity known as the internet), or socio-economic-political (the corporation as both inscribing body and inscription). In 16 Sessions, the datum generated by Joel Slayton's piece Not To See a Thing is re-contextualized. It existed originally as the data describing a path, or movement and rotation, in three dimensional space; it is relocated to become data describing a "path" in the information space of the web. In the work, the datum is initially approached as the basic element of the individual processing units text, and is migrated to address its role as a text in the networked entailment meshwork. The data, within these semantic contexts, expresses itself in highly consistent ways. Certain attributes or characteristics become apparent, manifesting themselves in different ways in each context. The ability of the data to be organized, or find its own organization, becomes an important issue. The data, making itself manifest in expressive behaviors, may be seen as evidence of the data acting as an ontogenic unity. It is questionable whether the data itself can function deductively, however, in any other contexts. Outside of a mathematically structured semantic context, the datum would no longer be able to maintain their identity, and the appearance of the data as a unity would collapse.


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